Strength of the group

  Backed by a well diversified group.
  Mr Prateek , Chairman UPHPL serve as Co-chairman of Bombay Chambers of Commerce & Industry‚Äôs Energy Conservation Committee.
  Mr Arvind , MD UPHPL serve as Secretary of the Indian Wind Power Association, Maharashtra Division.
  Completed first repowered project (replacing 11 turbines with 3 modern large capacity turbines).
  Firsthand experience of operating wind farms in all wind rich states namely Tamilnadu, Karnataka , Rajasthan , Gujarat & Maharashtra.
  Experience of working & excellent relationship with all major banks & financial institutions.
  Strong association with leading OEMs in the market.
  Long term comprehensive O&M Contracts with the OEMs.
  Experience of diversified revenue model i.e. group captive , open access & preferential state tariff.
  Experience of registering the projects to CDM & REC for enhancing the revenue model.